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If you’re like me, you’ve wondered how you—a good Christian—can have so much interference from the devil when you’re born again and sold out to God. Well, if you’re a believer or not quite a believer yet, this book is what you need. Deliverance is not only necessary for God’s people, but it’s also an essential tool for all believers. Mark 16:17 says, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils.” We’re in a season when God is releasing multitudes of people who’ve been trained to help you in deliverance. Dr. John Veal is one of those people. This book is perfect because instructions for you will come in the form of amazing and supernatural stories from the heart and life of the author. Devour this book so you can devour the enemy, Satan, in your life. And while you’re at it, get an extra copy of this book for a friend. They will thank you!

—Steve Shultz

Founder of The Elijah List



Supernaturally Delivered is fully loaded with keys of deliverance that every Spirit-filled believer needs in their spiritual warfare arsenal to overcome unfortunate circumstances and demonic opposition that hinders and blocks total freedom in Christ to live victorious. Dr. John Veal shares jaw-dropping, eye-opening, and heartfelt personal testimonies and supernatural encounters as it pertains to deliverance ministry in today’s society and church community.

Supernaturally Delivered is a comprehensive and practical study guide for those called to be equipped, educated, empowered, and trained with the proper tools in the areas of deliverance and spiritual warfare to become effective deliverance workers. Deliverance is the children’s bread, and this powerful, easy-to-read book will stir an appetite within you to receive fresh manna from heaven to give to those who are in dire need of supernatural awakening and spiritual cleaning.

I highly recommend this biblically sound book for the mature and for those ready to destroy the works of darkness with the light of God’s kingdom to ultimately see the greatest outcome of people being supernaturally delivered by the power and love of God!


—Dr. Hakeem Collins

Champions International

Author of Heaven Declares, Prophetic Breakthrough, and Command Your Healing


I thank God for Dr. John Veal, who is an amazing vessel in the body of Christ. There are not enough books written on the topic of deliverance that would help bring understanding to the average believer. This book that Pastor Veal has written will help instruct you in how to be self-delivered as well as how to administer deliverance to others who may be in desperate need of freedom and wholeness.


This deliverance manual you’re reading will literally activate you in the ministry of deliverance, which is desperately needed in the body of Christ today more now than ever!


Dr. Veal has poured his heart into this book, and it will equip you and bring awareness to you so you may shut down gates, portals, and spirit doors of the demonic realm and keep them from operating in and through your life and the lives of those you hold dear to your heart. I pray that the words of this book would help you in every way. Allow them to germinate within your heart and mind.


—Dr. Luis Lopez Jr.

Author, The Counterfeit Christian Rochester, NY


Supernaturally Delivered—a powerful and practical publication—gives us fresh and comprehensive insight into the demonic realm and its dark and very subtle activity. The real-life experiences of John Veal authenticate the reality of the enemy’s workings, and this book provides pertinent principles and keys to supernaturally securing our freedom from demonic oppression. It’s eye-opening to know how spirits infiltrate our lives in the most inconspicuous ways!


As you glean from the pages of this book, do not be alarmed or frightened by the information and enlightenment given. John Veal gives not only a very candid perspective of demonic activity in one’s life, but also a clear path to freedom by arming you with the keys to be supernaturally delivered and live in consistent victory! Just as demonic oppression is supernatural, true deliverance is supernatural also! Thank you, John Veal, for such a powerful and practical book!


—Apostle Lorenzo Irving

Author, Maintaining Your Deliverance and The Anointing Is Not Enough

Senior Leader, Life Center Church of Deliverance, Chicago, IL


Dr. Veal releases in-depth and on-time knowledge and wisdom in his book Supernaturally Delivered. As a prophetic deliverance minister, I believe he addresses the two most important questions in deliverance ministry: can a Christian have a demon, and should we consult with and ask demons for information?


Prophet Veal not only goes deep in defining spiritual names and definitions, but also gives you practical application through true life experiences to make you ponder and discern if a particular demonic entity could be attacking you.


People perish for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6). As you read this book, you will no longer be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, but the devil and his cohorts will be exposed and revealed. Be empowered and filled with a new spiritual warfare arsenal through this book on deliverance.


—Apostle Kathy DeGraw

Author, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan

Founder, DeGraw Ministries and Ruach Ha’Kodesh AEC


We are living in a time of intense spiritual warfare. There is a battle between the kingdom of light (Jesus) and the kingdom of darkness (Satan). It is imperative to understand the strategies and snares of the enemy.


In his book, Supernaturally Delivered, Prophet John Veal teaches you how to recognize the satanic realm. You will understand why there are repercussions for engaging in certain activities that you may think are innocent. He gives a clear perspective on deliverance with discernment from the Holy Spirit. He explains how even believers have opened doors to the demonic realm. He teaches from experience as well as having an ear to hear the voice of God.


I recommend this book for those who know someone in a constant battle or those of you who desire to live a life of freedom and walk in the covenant Jesus has provided for you.


—Elaine Tavolacci

A Word in Season


In this powerful, practical, and transparent book, you will learn the biblical keys to experiencing deliverance and ministering deliverance to others. You will understand the insidious nature of rejection, how it opens the doors to bondage, and how to break free from its harmful grasp. Through his thought-provoking candor, Prophet John Veal leads the reader into the place called freedom and helps equip them to lead others out of their captivity. You will be challenged, and you will be changed!

—Dr. Kynan Bridges

Best-selling Author, The Power of Prophetic Prayer

Senior Pastor, Grace and Peace Global Fellowship, Inc.


The Lord is raising up an army of gospel warriors in this hour. Sons and daughters of God who are heralding the message of salvation, freedom, and deliverance. The fivefold ministers aren’t the only ones radically obeying the Great Commission, but every saint of God is taking up the mantle of Jesus Christ and taking it to their neighbors, as well as the nations.


Seasoned prophet, John Veal, is one of those warriors doing a tremendous job of equipping the body of Christ in the gifts of the Spirit and deliverance ministry. He’s been doing this for years and has witnessed the hand of God moving in miraculous ways. I believe strongly in the ministry of John Veal, and I know this book will enlighten, encourage, and provoke you to good works.


May the Holy Spirit stir a hunger in you to see the captives set free through your life. Get ready for a life-changing encounter with the Lord as you read these pages with an open and humble heart.


—Michael Lombardo


Author of Immersed in His Glory

Host, Awaken Live

Founder, Life Poured Out International


John Veal’s book, Supernaturally Delivered, is one of the most uniquely written books on deliverance out there. With every page, he takes you on a journey into the various chapters of his crash course with the realm of darkness, which changed the trajectory of his life. This highly recommended book will provide you with practical and foundational truths acquired from his own encounters with the powers of hell in order to help reveal various facets of deliverance. Supernaturally Delivered is honestly one of those books you will not be able to put down once you start reading it. John’s experiential journey, coupled with sound revelatory teaching, will release keys to go from being supernaturally bound to supernaturally delivered!


—Naim Collins

President, Naim Collins Ministries

Author of Realms of the Prophetic


We live in a day and time where many do not want to acknowledge spiritual warfare or recognize the need for deliverance ministry. In Supernaturally Delivered, Dr. John Veal has done an exceptional job explaining the reality of the spirit realm and how to effectively engage in deliverance and freedom. He not only clearly teaches that Christians can have a demon, but also how to receive complete freedom from demonic bondage. I greatly appreciate his stance on not conversing with demons and the power of prophecy in deliverance. As a prophetic deliverance minister myself, I know this message is a now word for the body of Christ. If you have a passion to pray for others or you are looking for answers on how to walk a life of freedom and victory, this book is for you. It is a scripturally solid, no nonsense message, full of great supernatural wisdom and authority. Thank you, Dr. Veal, for this vital ministry and message.

—Rebecca Greenwood

President and Co-Founder, Christian Harvest International

Author of Glory Warfare, Breaking the Bonds of Evil, Let Our Children Go, Defeating Strongholds of the Mind,

and Authority to Tread


As the head of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM), I have the privilege of knowing many of the top-notch deliverance ministers around the world. I don’t know John Veal personally, but I certainly plan to get to know him. He has made a great contribution to the ministry of deliverance. I truly believe he is plundering the enemy’s house, and this book will help countless others do the same. Supernaturally Delivered is a great book and a valuable resource in the spiritual battle we all face. I highly recommend this easy-to-read and hard-to-put- down work. Be informed and be equipped! Don’t ever allow a struggle to become a habit!



—Dr. William (Bill) Sudduth

President, International Society of Deliverance Ministers

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